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Displaying all the skill and grace of a two-year-old holding a cushion over their face and shouting “You can’t see me!”, a man in Beijing was recently captured on video lying beneath the seats of a subway train and stroking the legs of a female passenger as they appeared in front of him.

Prepare for your day to get that little bit creepier.

Uploaded to YouTube just hours ago, the video simply titled “Subway molester in Beijing” was evidently taken by a person sitting diagonally opposite the man as he lay beneath the plastic seating.

At first, it looks like the man, who is wearing a blue jacket and a white surgical mask, has perhaps simply struck upon a curious but effective method of securing himself some additional personal space on the train. It’s probably nice and warm under there, too, with the heaters running.

When what appear to be male passengers’ legs are in front of him, the man simply lies there looking relaxed. It’s certainly odd, but he’s doing no harm.

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As these passengers leave, we are given a better look at this peculiar traveller, who appears to be looking directly at the person taking the video and yet does not seem in the least bit bothered.

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Seconds later, however, a feminine pair of legs step into shot. The woman sits down with her legs directly in front of this subterranean sneak.

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▼ And then immediately out comes a hand…

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▼ And begins gently touching the back of the woman’s knee and boot.

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▼ At first she does not seem to notice, but then the woman shifts in her seat and moves her leg slightly, obviously sensing something.

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Here’s the video in full. At the time of writing, it is not clear what happened following the moments captured on camera, but we’d hope that the person who shot this video did the decent thing and alerted the woman, the station staff or both. We know if this woman had been working on the train line that day, justice would have been served!

We wonder how many people will be taking a quick look under their seat before they sit down to ride home on the train this evening…

Source: YouTube China lian