How to safely apprehend a chikan pervert and protect women from being groped on a Japanese train

Helpful guide from a Japanese man who’s stepped in to stop groping on more than one occasion

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How to stop a chikan pervert from groping on a Japanese train

Japanese commuter shares a simple solution that works. 

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8 types of chikan perverts found on Japanese trains

From the weird to the very weird and unsettling.

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Chikan molester runs away from Japanese schoolgirls at train station in Japan【Video】

Schoolgirls fight back after man gropes student’s breasts inside train.

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Man arrested for pretending to be blind so he could grope woman’s chest in Tokyo

M.O. shows groper was actually looking to get both an eyeful and a handful.

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Beijing man caught on camera groping commuter from beneath her seat 【Video】

Displaying all the skill and grace of a two-year-old holding a cushion over their face and shouting “You can’t see me!”, a man in Beijing was recently captured on video lying beneath the seats of a subway train and stroking the legs of a female passenger as they appeared in front of him.

Prepare for your day to get that little bit creepier.

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Japanese man arrested for shouting that he studies English (weird) before  grabbing woman’s butt (illegal)

Police from the Himonya Precinct in Tokyo’s Merguro Ward have announced the arrest of one Keiko Hatano. Mr. Hatano has an unusual given name for a man in Japan, but even more unusual is the crime he is suspected of: fondling a woman’s posterior after explaining to her that he “studies English.”

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Man arrested for stealing 200 bicycle seats for their “scent of a woman”

It’s been nearly three days since we last reported on the arrest of a sexual deviant inventing a new way to get himself arrested by throwing pee at young women. So we’re clearly long overdue for another guy pushing the envelope of creepy crime.

On 24 August, Kanagawa Prefectural Police picked up Joji Kondo for stealing three seats from women’s electric bicycles in a housing complex at around 4:00 in the morning. After searching Kondo’s home they uncovered a further 200 seats.

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Pervert News: Man Asks for Directions, Informs Woman He is Going Commando 【News Nibble】

Officials in the city of Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture, have released a statement urging women to be on their guard after a man stopped to ask a woman directions on the street before telling her that he was going without any underwear.

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