Elderly man repeatedly commits disgusting act.

Japanese trains are often, and aptly, described as clean, punctual, and crowded. But if we were going to add a fourth item to that list, we could also call them “a popular place for a nap.”

Visitors and new arrivals to Japan are often surprised to see people catching some Z’s while riding the rails, but the down-to-the-minute punctuality of trains in Japan means that in the process of making your daily commute, your body quickly gets trained to wake up naturally just when the train arrives at your stop. Add in Japan’s famously low crime rates, and most locals feel perfectly comfortable taking a nap inside a moving train, especially with the soft rocking of the carriage.

However, an extremely disgusting video shows an elderly man taking advantage of this social custom by placing pubic hairs harvested from his own crotch on the head of the woman sleeping next to him.

The video’s title describes the woman as a “JK,” (joshi kosei), meaning “high school student,” though she’s not wearing a uniform or exhibiting any other sign of being a teen. As she sleeps, the elderly man sitting next to her unzips the fly of his pants, pulls out a strand of his pubic hair, examines his selection, and then flicks it onto the woman’s head/neck area.

After brushing the hair on the top of his head, the main reaches down for another pubic hair and repeats the process. After grooming his eyebrows, he then stares at the sleeping woman until the video, apparently shot on another passenger’s smartphone, ends.

The video began attracting attention online after it was tweeted by Japanese Twitter user @momo773716, though he says he didn’t record the clip, and simply shared it after finding it on YouTube.


It should be noted that this is, by no means, a common occurrence on Japanese trains. While Japan has long had a problem with train gropers, those perpetrators generally rely on packed-to-capacity rush hour trains or some other conditions which give them a way to claim the physical contact was unintentional. What the pubic hair-flinging man is doing, though, is far more brazen, especially considering that there’s no one standing between him and the opposite side of the carriage (where the video is being filmed from), suggesting that the train wasn’t particularly crowded when he chose to do this.

There’s already plenty to be disturbed by in the video, but also distressing is what doesn’t happen, as no one comes to the woman’s aid. A passenger can be partially seen sitting to her right, but perhaps the pubic hair flicking is outside of his range of vision (or he might be sleeping himself). Still, at the very least the person filming witnessed exactly what was happening, and it’s sad that no one felt compelled to even shout “Hey! Stop it,” even in a society that’s often reluctant to get involved with other people’s dilemmas.

Source: Jin
Top image: Pakutaso