Video footage shows a woman who may or may not have a confused grasp of “priority seating.”

On 10 March in Taipei City, awkwardness ensued when an unidentified middle-aged woman boarded a public bus during rush hour and, partway through her journey, announced: “I have to sit down.”

Her comment was presumably intended for the elderly woman who was to become her “seat.”

Although the elderly woman showed remarkable restraint in neither punching nor finding something sharp to jab her sudden squatter with, she did issue several requests for the woman to — and we’re paraphrasing here — “Get the hell up.”

Other passengers echoed the elderly woman’s sentiments, but the middle-aged woman reportedly held her ground…or lap. She simply informed her human seat that “when I’m standing my legs get tired.” This should come as no surprise since, much like making fire or using stones as crude tools, standing upright for brief periods of time is a luxury only afforded to actual evolved human beings.

With negotiations at an impasse, the elderly woman was finally able to regain her humanity by jostling her body around enough so that the middle aged woman eventually couldn’t sit on her any longer.

When video of the incident was posted online, outrage and confusion poured in from across the country. “I never heard of anything like that – weird,” and “I would force her up,” were among the indignant comments made, with many simply left wondering what the middle-aged woman was thinking.

Did these two women have a history together that triggered this hostile sitting, or was this just a random act of jerkiness? We can only be sure that the woman wasn’t protesting something, because as we all know taking a stand makes her legs tired.

Source: Livedoor News via Toychan (Japanese)
Video and Image: YouTube/ETTVCH51