shopping tragedy

A man from China’s Jiangsu Province has reportedly leapt from a seventh-floor shopping mall balcony following a heated argument with his girlfriend during a five-hour Christmas shopping trip. When the young woman said that she wanted to visit one more store, the 38-year-old threw the bags he was carrying to the floor and jumped over the rail, horrifying shoppers.

According to the Mail Online, Tao Hsiao was out shopping with his girlfriend in a Xuzhou City shopping centre when, after hours or trailing around stores, he demanded that they call it a day and go home.

The couple apparently had a heated argument while other shoppers looked on, with one eyewitness saying that Tao told his girlfriend she already had “enough shoes to last a lifetime” and that he wanted to go home immediately. The woman responded by calling him a “skinflint” and telling him that he was ruining Christmas for her. Tao then threw the shopping bags he had been carrying for his girlfriend to the floor and after vaulting over the rail plummeted seven storeys to his death.

No one else is thought to have been hurt during the incident, though we’re quite sure this was one shopping trip few of those present will ever be able to forget.

Source: Mail Online
Photo via The Real Singapore