Director Gareth Edwards’ new take on Godzilla takes full advantage of the latest advancements in CGI technology to bring the iconic monster back to life, bigger and badder than ever before, and the promotional posters and teaser trailers stirred up plenty of hype before the movie’s release. But would you be rushing into the movie theater if you saw the above poster?

Coming into Summer movie season this year, the first big blockbuster out at cinemas is (another) Hollywood version of Godzilla. It’s showing all across the world, including at cinemas in the tiny Penghu Islands off the western coast of Taiwan, and the poster that one of these island cinemas is using has been attracting a lot of attention.

There are a ton of awesome official posters out there depicting Godzilla through cityscapes and roaring at the heavens while helicopters circle him like flies. But for some reason this particular cinema in Taiwan has shunned all this over-the-top promo material and decided to opt for an original hand-drawn design. I imagine that the decision to go with this image went something along the lines of the manager realizing the night before opening day that they didn’t have a poster, and then getting his art-loving seven-year-old son to whip something up.

Despite its true creator trying their hardest to capture the power and might of Godzilla, its over-bitey expression is more derpy than terrifying, and those buildings don’t really look like they’d take too much effort to knock over. Also notice the weird two-fingered gesture the beast is making with his right hand. He’s either trying to play rock paper scissors with that skyscraper, or the artist thought it would be funny to include good old-fashioned some British swearing.


▼ For comparison, here’s an official Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures poster for Godzilla.


▼ News segment (in Chinese) about the Taiwanese poster.

Which poster do you prefer? I have to say that the official teasers have got me really hyped, but unfortunately here in Japan we have to wait until July 25 to see the movie in cinemas (what did we tell you about Japan and late movie releases!?). It really doesn’t seem fair considering this is Godzilla’s birthplace, but I suppose I’ll just have to make do with the extensive franchise back catalogue until then.

Source: 2ch Blog