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Certain flavors have become eternally bound to specific events or places: a hotdog at a baseball game, s’mores while camping, and of course popcorn at a movie theater. But with movie theaters still being somewhat iffy places to go to, many of us are limited to watching movies at home.

And while there are plenty of options for popcorn that can be eaten at home, none of them really match the kind that was made and stored under a light bulb in a huge tempered-glass cube. So United Cinemas and Uber Eats have teamed up to fill this gap in home movie-viewing.

United Cinemas

Since 6 August, Uber Eats users have been able to order bags of popcorn from United Cinemas Toshimaen in Nerima, Tokyo and United Cinemas Terrace Mall Matsudo in Matsudo, Chiba.

Our writer Daiki Nishimoto happened to live nearby one of these cinemas so he decided to place an order. Four flavors were available: salted, butter soy sauce, caramel, and truffle salt, the last of which is only available through Uber Eats. They’re sold in sets of three bags for 1,200 yen (US$11) so Daiki decided to cut the caramel loose and got each of the other flavors.

Drinks could also be ordered for 300 yen ($3) for those who enjoy that particular movie theater fountain drink taste. Also, everyone who orders this way gets a coupon for a future visit to an actual United Cinemas. A single coupon also works for up to four people, which is pretty neat.

As good as that was, Daiki only had some cinema-grade popcorn on his mind, so he pulled out his three-pack.

Their size was good, but strangely they were unlabeled with regard to flavor. It was easy to tell which was which after opening each bag and catching a whiff of its seasoning, but it seemed like an odd oversight.

Daiki decided to start with the regular salted popcorn. It was a straightforward affair, but despite the simple ingredients, it possessed them in just the right amounts to transport him to a darkened theater with a sticky floor.

This flavor is very versatile and pairs well with all sorts of cinematic genres but is probably best enjoyed alongside true popcorn classics like Jurassic Park or Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence.

Next was the butter soy sauce, which balanced the sharp saltiness of the soy sauce with a mellow sweetness of butter. As such, it also pairs well with movies that contain complex emotional themes such as Schindler’s List and Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence.

Finally, there was the exclusive truffle salt flavored popcorn. The saltiness of this snack was a mere veil for the rich bitter tones of the truffle underneath. Even though it was just junk food, Daiki had the sense that he was consuming something sophisticated. As such it would pair well with the works of Christopher Nolan or Zack Snyder… possibly even Blue Streak if it were remade by either of those directors.

While all the flavors were winners, Daiki enjoyed the subtle complexity of the truffle salt the most. But overall, it was just a nice change of pace to have that nostalgic aroma of movie theater popcorn fill his home.

The only downside is that availability is currently limited, but if there’s enough of a demand for movie theater popcorn delivery out there, it may be coming to your area soon enough.

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