For those unaccustomed to Japanese food, even the most common edibles may seem quite odd and, well, unappetizing, at first glance. The first time you saw monjayaki, did you not think it looked a little…weird? Of course, not all Japanese cuisine is unappealing to the eyes, but even the delicious-looking food is still not widely known throughout the Western world.

A California-based Japanese food blogger is trying to change that. Gaining momentum from the success of her Ramen Poster, artist Fanny has come up with another hand-drawn infographic displaying some of her favorite Japanese street foods and snacks: The Snack Poster.

▼ The Snack Poster features 25 popular Japanese foods and snacks, including okonomiyaki, gyoza, dorayaki, edamame, and takoyaki.


While Fanny’s favorite Japanese food is ramen, she also eats and blogs about every kind of Japanese food she can get her hands on. The inspiration for the poster actually stemmed from Fanny trying sakura mochi (cherry blossom rice cake), which is a pink rice cake filled with sweet red bean paste and wrapped in an edible pickled cherry tree leaf.

▼ Underneath each detailed illustration is a list of ingredients.


Like The Ramen Poster, Fanny’s new creation is also a Kickstarter project. With 110 backers and $5,000 already in the bag, the project has well exceeded the $1,500 goal, with 43 more days still to go.

The current poster design features a fall theme, with red maple leaves scattered around the background. One of the stretch goals for the project is a cherry blossom themed background, only available if Fanny can raise at least $9,000.

If you’re interested in decorating your abode with Japanese food, check out the different sizes on Kickstarter. If you just want to find out about Japanese food in the Bay Area of California, check out Fanny’s blog, Japanese Foodie.

▼ You have the option of a standard size and jumbo size of poster.


Source: Kickstarter/Fanny, Japanese Foodie
Images: Kickstarter/Fanny