The only thing better than the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan movie is all the related merchandise that’s slowly being pumped out ahead of its release.

The latest offering from the giants is coming to us from Aeon cinemas, who’ll be bringing us two gigantic hot dogs as part of the celebrations. Netizens, however, are pondering why they’ve chosen to use extra-long sausages to promote the film when a similar-looking appendage is so obviously missing from between the Titans’ legs.

Called the Shingeki no Hotto Doggu, which translates to the slightly terrifying “Advancing Hot Dogs”, these are set to retail for 550 yen each (US$4.46) and will come in two varieties: Honey Mustard, due to go on sale this month, and Relish and Ketchup, which will hit cinemas in September.


While the hot dogs look mouth-watering, it’s the poster art that really has us drooling.

▼ Check out the Survey Corps at the bottom of the poster! They’ve got just the tools for slicing up advancing hot dogs.


And to top it all off, the hot dog comes in a beautiful box with some awesome art to take home.


We’re sold on that brilliant packaging. Now the only choice we’ll have to make is whether to go for the sweet July dog or the spicy September one. When we get our hands on one of these, we’ll let you know!

Source: PR Times
Images: Aeon Cinema