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Last year, Osaka and many other cities around the world found themselves hosting a 25-meter-tall inflatable rubber duck designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. But after sending the rubber duck project around the world (and becoming part of a copyright battle), Hofman seemed to have thought we needed a new super-sized animal and unveiled a giant white rabbit earlier this month at a Taiwanese art festival. Resting against a former military bunker, the huge rabbit drew a big crowd at the festival with visitors eager to get a picture with the serene-looking creature.

The 2014 Taoyuan Land Arts Festival was held for 10 days at the beginning of September near the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. Set to coincide with the September 8 Mid-Autumn Festival, the big bunny celebrates the Chinese legend of the rabbit that lives on the moon. Made out of a waterproof material, the rabbit’s “fur” combined with the windy location of the art festival makes it look extra fluffy as it rests its head on the bunker.

▼ Looking up at the sky towards its home—the Moon

2014.09.13 giant rabit ii copyImage: YouTube (Associated Press)

Although enthralled by its cuteness, some Japanese netizens are hoping that if the giant rabbit makes it to their city, the artist can sit the rabbit up and let every one see its face.

▼ Because how much better would this photo be if we could clearly see the rabbit’s ears as well

2014.09.13 giant rabit iiiImage: Facebook (TaiyuanLandArt)

The art festival ended on September 14 and the rabbit will apparently stay in Taiwan for the time being. There is no official word whether the rabbit will make its way to other cities around the world like Hofman’s duck project. To get a closer look at the giant rabbit and how it was made, check out the video below.

Video: YouTube (Associated Press)

Feature Image: YouTube (Associated Press)
Source: Kotaro 269