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Tokyo University of the Arts, a school founded in 1949 through the combination of a music and fine arts school, is one of the most popular art schools in Japan. It has produced a host of famous alumni, including numerous artists, directors, musicians, and designers, so it’s not entirely surprising to see the university making headlines.

But one of the pieces created for this year’s art festival is nothing short of amazing! This massive work of art, which features a giant octopus wrapped around a Greek-style temple, has captured the attention of people across Japan. Now that the festival is over, though, the students are asking if anyone wants to buy it! If you’ve ever wanted a piece of art to decorate your entire front lawn, hurry because supplies are definitely limited.

[tweet https://twitter.com/geisai_sk2015/status/604230888272961536 align=center]

The tweet above, which was written by M, the head of the architecture school’s display group, shows the initial sketch of the piece. It’s a bit more glorious than the finished product, but we imagine it would have been difficult to include a full acropolis! The festival ran from September 4 to 6 in Tokyo’s Ueno neighborhood.

▼ And here’s the finished piece!

[tweet https://twitter.com/geisai_sk2015/status/640514948725014529 align=center]

As the above tweet explains, a buyer is being sought to take the display off the students’ hands. They’re happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to send them a message to find out if it’s possessed with the spirit of an Elder God or just a regular old demon. You can also ask if they’ll throw in a free T-shirt if you pay cash in the next 24 hours.

▼ Another look at the piece with some people for scale

[tweet https://twitter.com/geisai_sk2015/status/640328521626226688 align=center]

▼ Here are the students moving the piece into place the day before the festival.

[tweet https://twitter.com/geisai_sk2015/status/640105757623476224 align=center]

▼ Another shot of the students moving the piece.

tako (1)Twitter (@geisai_sk2015)

It looks like the piece is still available, so head over to their Twitter page if you’re interested. We imagine shipping won’t be cheap, but it will definitely be worth it to get revenge on all your nosy neighbors, annoy your homeowners association, and have the best Halloween decorations in the city!

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Images: Twitter (@geisai_sk2015)