Next year the Super Famicom (SNES) will see its 25th birthday. In human years that will amount to 62 which means it’s time for the beloved console to begin taking stock of the days in front of it and make them count.

One Super Famicom in particular could feel the yellowing of its case and decided to scratch one more thing off its bucket list: climb Mt. Fuji. Acquiring the help of a human male, the Super Famicom set off to scale the iconic mountain and document the journey on Japanese textboard 2-channel.

The Super Famicom set off in the afternoon so it could watch the sunrise while at Fuji’s summit. It had packed just enough supplies to keep it going throughout the climb such as the games Bahamut Lagoon and Tenchi Sozo (Terranigma).

It was a perilous trek with dangers like “falling debris” and jagged rocks that one could easily snag their controller cables on. Out of the corner of its eye, the Super Famicom spotted a group of virile current generation consoles climbing wirelessly and swiftly, as if without a care in the world.

This depressed the machine right down to its Ricoh 5A22 processor, so it bought a 600 yen (US$5.60) beer and sat down for a bit. “What am I doing here?” it sullenly thought looking back on its life with its 128kB of RAM.

After some more climbing, night fell. As if by fate, the Super Famicom just happened to climb on the eve of the super moon. Meanwhile below, the city of Gotemba twinkled a welcoming glow through the clouds as if inviting it to turn back.

“No” thought the Super Famicom summoning all 16 of its bits and its Mode7 capability to complete the final leg of the climb. Sure enough they reached the summit before sunrise! The Super Famicom raised its human companion’s arm in victory.

The sunrise was truly beautiful and touched the Famicom right down to its W65c816S core. Unfortunately, it was so mesmerized by the beauty it forgot to take photos. Still the feeling of satisfaction was immense as the console sprawled out its controllers on the mountain’s edge.

It even met a man from another country who recognized the machine despite its different appearances abroad.

With this goal accomplished there was nothing left to do but head back down and get back to its spot on the shelf and plan the next trip. Where to go next? The Grand Canyon? Maybe the Great Wall of China? They recently started letting consoles into the country. “If only I was a GameCube, I could probably be around to go to the moon,” it thought and sighed.

“Naw, this’ll do.”

Source: 2-channel via Hamusuta Sokuho (Japanese)