Most of us grew up being taught to respect our elders. In fact, this is one of the most fundamental values traditionally taught to Chinese children. But the video we’re about to see is a stark reminder that the times they are a-changing, and that even in China there are some real brats who think nothing of verbally abusing their elders.

Watch as this little Chinese girl threatens to kill the older woman after she apparently took a photo of her misbehaving onboard the train.

For the sake of our reader who do not speak Chinese, we’ll break the action down before showing you the video proper.

The quarrel begins with the girl, who has seemingly just spotted a fellow passenger taking a snap of her, yelling angrily. “What do you think you are doing?” she shouts, “Why are you taking pictures of me?” She then bombards her victim with a high-pitched shriek of “DO YOU WANT TO DIE??”

She continues on her furious rant until she declares, “I am going kill you! I am going to beat you to death!” At which point the person taking this video even laughs in disbelief.

▼ The girl starts quarrelling


▼ At one point the adults around attempted to subdue her…


▼ …but to no avail as the little fighter threatened to kill them too.


▼ Eventually she grabbed a phone of her own to take pictures of her victim


Check out this explosive video for yourself:

What really baffles me about this video is how, towards the end, the little girl reaches towards someone sitting down to retrieve her phone, which means that there was in fact someone, most likely an adult, with her the whole time…

Source: YouTube via Toychan
Images: YouTube