Need a break from reality? Take a look at this video created by a student from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

The video features the mythical Escherian Staircase (aka Penrose Stairs), or the never-ending staircase where you go up two flights of steps and end up at the same place you began. It’s said that Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda is the genius who built the “Impossible Staircase.”

There is something fishy, however. This physics-defying creation – first thought up more or less simultaneously by the Lionel and Roger Penrose team, and M.C. Escher in the 1950s – was built by Abgonda in the 60s, yet no one knows about it― not even students at the school, despite being a seemingly physically impossible feat! Hmm….

First watch this video…

It seems alright. It’s cheesy a TV show called Can You Imagine? highlighting the cool things about the school. Seems pretty legit, right? But that staircase!! How? Why isn’t this world-famous?! What’s going on? Why didn’t Aboganda get some kind of science award for this?

Oh, because it doesn’t exist…

Enter video two:

In 2013, Michael Lacanilao, graduate student of animation at RIT, created this video just to mess with our heads. Thanks pal! You’ve fooled people all over the Internet! In fact, we even wrote an article about the staircase when the first video first came out! Now, we’re having a hard time finding proof that the supposed Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda even exists! Oh, Lacanilao, you weasel! (But we applaud your video editing skills and thoroughness.)

Source: Taho News
Videos/Images: YouTube (Michael Lacanilao 1, 2)