2015 is the Year of the Sheep! If you live in Japan or in the vicinity, that means your life is going to get flooded with sheep-themed merchandise for the next 12 months. We’ve already gotten Disney sheep stuffed animals, sheep ice cream, sheep stamps, and there’s plenty more to come.

But there’s one item that rarely gets the Chinese zodiac-themed touch each year: cat costumes. Thankfully Japanese Twitter user @hizashi414 put an end to that by creating a sheep outfit for their cat and taking plenty of pictures to prove it.

The fashion show begins now:

▼ How majestic. It even looks like he kind of likes it.


▼ Oh no. Something’s wrong.


▼ Abort! Abort! Abort!


▼ Cat’s done.


According to the comments on Twitter, @hizashi414 claims that the costume fits the cat too well, so much so that he can’t stand up once fallen over without pressing against a wall or something. Poor little guy.

Commenters on the messageboard Hamusoku had lots of opinions on the matter.

“Wow, nice craftsmanship!”
“Soo cuute!”
“He looks like a barrel lol”
“I am cat let me gooooooo!”
“Well cats aren’t part of the Chinese zodiac, so…”
“His anger will not be sated until they create a Year of the Cat.”
“I put a Santa outfit on my cat and he just got really depressed and wanted it off.”
“Hey you try wearing something you can’t take off. Then you’ll see what it’s like.”

Perhaps the netizens have a point about the incompatibility of cats and sheep. After all, you can’t argue with results. Just take a look at this serene video of a cat wearing the costume of a fellow non-zodiac animal, the shark, and see what a difference it makes.

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter, YouTube