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Multiple choice tests were already annoying enough; let’s see the Scantron machine scan this answer sheet.

Multiple choice tests have always been a double-edged sword. On one hand, they are the quickest way to mark and evaluate a ton of students. On the other hand, if a student doesn’t know the answer, they end up guessing, which often doesn’t tell you if the students have learned anything or not.

A lot of teachers will introduce strategies to prevent students from guessing. Answers like, “all of the above”, or “none of the above” and marks deducted for wrong answers are a good way to weed out the students who have studied from the ones who haven’t. One problem continues to present itself though, a long sheet of paper with fill -n-the-bubble answers makes it quite easy for the less honest students to cheat.

▼ Don’t cheat Naruto! For the love of all that is ninja, don’t cheat!!!

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That is why a university in Bangkok, Thailand has created a new way of organizing a multiple choice testing sheet to prevent cheating. Good luck taking answers from your neighbor now!

The circular format of the answer sheet makes it much harder to see where you are on the test, but also makes it nigh impossible for any classmate trying to peak over your shoulder for an answer.

Reaction from the Internet seems to be united in one comment, “This will probably prevent cheating, but seems like it would be really annoying to take this test.” It might be more difficult on the students and harder to mark, but if it keeps test takers honest, maybe these extra steps are worth it in the end.

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