borderlands 1

You’re not looking at a screenshot from the newest Borderlands game. Handsome Jack is here to stake his claim on Earth!

There are a number of elements that make a great cosplay, but if you are making a costume based on a game like Borderlands that utilizes cel shading to make 3-D graphics look flat, it’s much harder to create the perfect costume. That’s where an unbelievable talent with make-up comes in pretty darn handy. When we look at these pictures, we’re really not sure if these are in game screenshots or not because the costumes are pulled off so brilliantly!

The talented cosplayers are Feinobi and Mary, a couple from the Czech Republic who are well-known for their amazing work cosplaying as Handsome Jack, the main antagonist from Borderlands 2, and Angel, a siren and Handsome Jack’s daughter.

It’s a little hard to believe that this degree of detail is achieved with only makeup, but a photographer on one of their shoots showed the differences between the original photo and an edited version. What changes were made to the photo had nothing to do with making Handsome Jack more Handsome Jack.

The pair have made appearances at cosplay events around Europe and are likely to continue attending them for the foreseeable future, so if you happen to be in the area, make sure you go and see them. Check out more of their photos on their Facebook page, and let us know in the comments which cosplay photos you like the best!

Source: Culture Lab
Top Image: Facebook/Mei & Feinobi cosplay