Fairy tales are certainly timeless classics, but I’m sure we’ve all felt that they could have been just a little better had they only featured pugs instead of people.

And after hundreds of years, one Japanese illustrator who goes by the name Yoshiko finally got off her keister and did it. The following are some popular tales told in single scenes and through the bulbous eyes of those beloved squishy-faced dogs.

First Little Red Pug Hood approaches that climactic moment with her would-be grandma. This way is actually a little more believable since they’re now of the same species.

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They don’t all work out for the better, however. Hansel and Gretel with pugs becomes far more bleak.

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And then some stories become rather mundane. For example, the lack of clothes is the least shocking thing about this 12-inch ruler.

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Not the best Prince Charming, but whatever gets the job done, I suppose.

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However, when the glass slipper is on the other paw, it would take truly special prince to lay a big kiss on this sleeping beauty.

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You don’t get much littler than the Little Merpug.

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In this day and age, the pug version of Aesop’s The Golden Axe is a much more relatable way to remind us that honesty is the policy.

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And finally every pug’s ultimate fantasy would have to be Pugnocchio.

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If you’d like more pug fairly tales, you could wish for them. However, Yoshiko says that might not work out so well.

▼ “When I rub the lamp the genie won’t come out.”
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But you can check out her many other pug-centric works via Twitter or her blog, both updated regularly.

Twitter (Japanese)
Blog (Japanese)

▼ The muse for Yoshiko’s works, Mei.
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Source: Twitter/@menglish222 via Hamusoku (Japanese)