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Master Blaster is the two-man translating team of Canada’s Steven Le Blanc and Japan’s Masami M, a pair who in addition to writing work are in English education and created the StudyNow app for Japanese students of English.

Together they have written somewhere around 1,500 articles for RocketNews24 covering such diverse topics as Chinese men selling sanitary napkins to each other and a Japanese guy dragging an ear of corn around the Tokyo train system. A few of these were actually good, but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our beloved readers had to say:

“One isn't always in the mood for bold tastes. But when I'm in the mood for bold flavor I turn to you.”
“Stupid article. Who cares what the Japanese think it's cool. You don't call a monkey, "gorilla".”
“You know, this is about the most cogent explanation of how a turbocharger works that I have ever seen in the non-motorsports world.”
“Thanks for the article peter!”
“It's people like you who make exploitation possible.”
“It looks yummy and the story was great. Thank you for the smile.”

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Gifu office worker arrested for his homemade tire-popping caltrops

Criminal used Spikes! Spikes were scattered all around Gifu City.

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Largest Japanese giant salamander dies, aged…Maybe 70 or so?

Yuzumaru, we hardly knew ye.

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Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato asks China to stop anally testing Japanese visitors for COVID-19

Travelers being put in a very uncomfortable position.

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10 yakuza members arrested for stealing sea cucumbers from ocean

More wayward souls caught up in the glitz and glamour of the illegal sea cucumber trade.

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Man arrested for sending 37 death threats to Square Enix because he couldn’t win at a game

He should have done some office work to relieve his stress.

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Frogs trick Fukuoka police into false puppy rescue

Even frogs sometimes have frogs in their throats.

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Japanese drum game Taiko no Tatsujin celebrates 20 years with TikTok version, tournament, and more

Beloved game is kicking it into Oni mode for 2021.

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Births in Japan hit record low in 2020, deaths down for first time in over a decade

2021 might be even less reproductive.

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Happy 35th anniversary to a true gaming icon: The guy from Hudson’s Adventure Island

Master Takahashi is a treasured pioneer of pro-gaming.

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If you die from the COVID-19 vaccine in Japan, the government will give your family over 44M yen

$420,000? Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is.

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Leader of political party that refuses to pay NHK ordered to pay NHK

It will be the hardest 40 bucks he ever spent.

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Fukushima supermarket sells earthquake-damaged beers as “heroes”

A good beer has character.

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How was last week’s earthquake judged to be an aftershock of the 2011 Tohoku disaster?

Earthquakes have always been largely a guessing game, and this one is no different.

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21-year-old Nara woman arrested for sending hundreds of nude selfies to woman in her 70s

“I still like her,” suspect tells police.

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Saitama begins plans to regulate how to use escalators, prohibit walking up and down

Although walking is common practice, support for banning it is strong online.

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Oita woman loses lawsuit and pays damages without ever knowing she’d been sued

A frightening case of using the legal system to commit robbery.

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We try out the hot new social media app that everyone’s talking about, Crabhouse!

It’s…a little different than we were expecting.

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Government worker leaves water running for a month, forced to pay half the 6,000,000-yen bill

Employee forgets to turn off the water, but did employers forget to turn on labor laws?

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Councilman Super Crazy Kun begins work, but considerably less crazy looking

You don’t have to be super crazy to serve on the city council, but it helps.

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Common ramen ingredient found highly effective at clearing up radioactive contamination

Ramen-loving researcher mixes business with pleasure.

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