Nothing says convenience like a swan head that extending out of your crotch area.

Ever since the dawn of smartphones, humankind has yearned to accomplish one thing: walk around and look at the screen without actually holding the darn thing.

There have been many attempts to accomplish this valiant goal – ramen phone holders, an inflatable bath pillow holder, and RocketNews24’s own DIY clothes-hanger holder.

But all of those pale in comparison to the ultimate smartphone accessory: the swan-head phone holder that extends out of your crotch.

Watch this thing of beauty in action here or scroll down for the highlights.

▼ That’s the look of satisfaction only having a goose head
coming out of your crotch area can really give you.


▼ Just imagine the possibilities! You could accessorize by wearing
cat ears with your goose at a maid cafe dinner…


▼ …or take it to work for the ultimate water cooler conversation topic.


▼ Just be careful not to get it caught in the elevator. Yeowch!


▼ Unless, of course, that was your plan all along to get attention.


Here’s how netizens reacted online to this ingenious invention:

“This is exactly what I need to ensure that my social anxiety will lessen in public.”

“If this becomes the next big thing, I’m going to jump out a window.”

“This invention actually seems super good for your spine and neck. Finally can use a phone comfortably while looking straight ahead.”

“Too bad you can’t actually buy this. It was just created as an April Fool’s Joke.”

Unfortunately that netizen is correct. The video was created by the Japanese company Animax last year as a funny way to advertise their anime streaming service. So if you want a swan crotch-phone-holder of your own, you’re going to have to get quacking on building your own.

But if that’s too much work and you’re looking for an easier way to look ridiculous in public, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Source: Facebook/Viral Thread via YOMYOMF
Images: Facebook/Viral Thread