Arms tired from holding your smartphone in front of you all day? We’ll show you how to make this ingenious “Poké-Han mobile gaming accessory!

Following the recent video message from the creators of Pokémon Go to stay safe and keep our heads up while playing the game, our Pokémon-loving Japanese writing team decided to come up with an ingenious new device to help increase safety and game-playing stamina at the same time. Proving that simple designs are often the most effective, the new invention uses just two everyday items, a clothes hanger and some rubber bands, to improve posture and relieve the annoying effects of painful “gamer’s arm” that results from holding your smartphone out in search of Pokémon all day.


Dubbed the “Poké-Han” (short for “Pokémon Hanger“), the new invention rests smartphones at a comfortable level so players can keep their backs straight and heads up, increasing their field of vision and awareness of their surroundings while playing the game. It also saves your arm and hand from unnecessary strain caused by holding the device in one hand.


The new invention was passed around the office and, despite looking a little ridiculous, it got the thumbs-up from everyone, including passionate mobile gamer Mr Sato.


To see just how easy it is to make the Poké-Han, check out the short DIY video below. Not only is it simple to construct, each piece will set you back just 100 yen (US$0.94)!

To truly put the invention to the test, the team sent three gamers from the office out into the field to see how the Poké-Han fared in the real world of gameplay.


According to the trio, once they started playing the game, any embarrassment they felt about wearing the strange-looking contraptions quickly disappeared. It actually made gaming much easier than usual, increasing their excitement for playing the game.


▼ There were no problems at all with swiping and catching Pokémon.


▼ And it really did help with increasing their field of vision, making them more aware of the scenery around them.


Our gaming trio loved the handmade gadget. Not only was it cheap and easy to make, it made them feel like they could expertly navigate their way through crowded streets and explore the city for hours without succumbing to any bodily aches and pains. The only hurdle was the fact that it’s not the most fashionable of accessories, attracting looks from passers-by, which makes this a bit of a challenge to wear when out on your own. There’s a lot less embarrassment when out with a group of like-minded friends, of course!

What do you think about the Poké-Han? Do you think it might catch on and become a worldwide phenomenon? Let us know in the comments section below!

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