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Hamee has done it again! First, they managed to create an egg on toast smartphone case that’s so realistic you might accidentally take a bite. Now the quirky company has just released a bowl of ramen that will hold your iPhone for you.

The ramen smartphone stand comes in three different styles: Tokyo-style chuuka soba, Sapporo-style miso ramen, and Hataka-style tonkotsu ramen (shown below in order from left to right).

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Each bowl looks completely realistic and almost good enough to eat, just what you’d expect from any food sample created in Japan. The only difference is these fake ramen bowls have a small indent in the center that’s perfect for propping up your favorite smart device.

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Sounds pretty cool, right? Just a neat little conversation piece that you can impress your friends with. You might even consider buying the ramen stand because, why not, it’s so silly! That is until you hear the price…

▼ You can even enjoy eating ramen while propping up all of your gadgets with bowls of ramen!Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 9.49.08 AM

A single stand sells for the outrageous price of 9,800 yen (US$99). That’s around 18 bowls of actual, steaming hot, fill-you-up ramen! So maybe Hamee won’t be selling any of these realistic stands. That may be a good thing, helping to prevent the horrible “thought it was a smartphone stand but it’s actually a real bowl of ramen and now I need a new phone”-type situations.

Source: Excite News
Images: Hamee, Rakuten