A character from Russian children’s literature and Japanese doughnuts may sound like an unexpected combination, but the results sure look sweet!

Japan certainly loves collaborations between sweets and cute characters, and this time, doughnut maker Floresta has turned a popular Russian character into an adorable line of treats to give us…Cheburashka doughnuts!

Now, this isn’t the first character-themed line of doughnuts Floresta has come up with, and judging from the looks of these Cheburashka doughnuts, the company clearly knows how to create edible cuteness.

Here’s a look at the two Cheburashuka doughnuts that they will be releasing next month:

▼ The Roll-around Chebu Doughnut (Koro-koro Chebu Doughnut), which will be available from November 1-15, has big round ears made of couverture chocolate.


▼ The Chebu and Orange Doughnut (Chebu to Orange), which is decorated with a with a small “orange” made from a round doughnut ball coated with pumpkin-flavored chocolate, will be sold from November 16-30.


The Cheburashka doughnuts, all priced at 360 yen (US$3.50), will be available at 25 of Floresta’s locations (Ishimaki R45, Aizu Wakamatsu, Koenji, Soshigaya Ōkura-ekimae, Gakugeidaigaku, Keio Crown-gai Sasazuka, Ōkurayama,  Togoshi Ginza, Odakyu Marche Tama Center, Niigata Bandai City, Hamamatsu Sanjino, Takayokosuka, Nonami-ekimae, Horie, Shitennoji, Sakai, Kitasenri-ekimae, Yao Aoyama-dori, Izumigaoka-ekimae, Sanda Woody Town, Aeon Town Utazu, Kurashiki, Yonago R431, Ōita and Shintoshin).

Plus, if you make a purchase of 1,200 yen or more including the Cheburashuka doughnuts at one of the above Floresta stores, they’ll give you an original Cheburashka x Floresta Collaboration Thermal/Cooler Bag, while supplies last!


What we found particularly interesting here is how a Russian character has firmly found its way into Japan’s kawaii culture. Yes, Cheburashka is undeniably cute, but it’s somewhat unusual for a foreign character to be as widely recognized and loved as this furry little Russian creation has been for some time now in Japan.

▼ Cheburashka, the character created by Soviet writer Eduard Uspensky 50 years ago, has definitely earned a place in the Japanese public’s heart. We guess there’s just something captivating about the huge ears and big black eyes.


Well, wherever Cheburashka is from, we can’t deny the doughnuts look utterly adorable and tempting. If you’re going to be in Japan next month and you’re in the mood for something cute and tasty, a Floresta store might be a good place to look!

Source, images: PR Times