No one has ever loved anything as much as these adorable Japanese ducks love watermelon【Video】

Make that adorable and lightning-fast ducks.

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Cute ducklings cross busy Tokyo street with the help of a good samaritan 【Video】

The care and patience given to the little duck family in the middle of downtown Tokyo is warming hearts around the country.

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The goose is loose! Video shows off swan smartphone-holder, the ultimate hands-free device 【Vid】

Nothing says convenience like a swan head that extending out of your crotch area.

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Japanese police melt hearts with show of extreme courtesy to wildlife

In true Japanese fashion, the three officers went above and beyond to ensure this family of ducks made it safely across the street.

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Japanese Twitter users share gorgeous photos of sakura season coming to an end

Sakura leaves are beautiful whether they’re clinging to trees or fallen on the ground.

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Mama duck goes shopping with her ducklings, takes over Lawson and Twitter with cuteness

On June 12 Twitter user @radio_skyblue12 tweeted about coming across a family of ducks during a trip to a neighborhood Lawson convenience store, uploading a photo along with the caption: “Look at these unexpected shoppers I ran into! What a surprise.”

This cute family duck photo quickly circulated around the popular social networking site, and became a hot topic among Japanese Twitter users. The post was in turn met with numerous replies, additional sightings, and other duck tales by fellow users, and has since been retweeted over 24,000 times.

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Is any “fowl” play involved? Nope, Morioka Zoo’s animals just like to sleep in weird positions

Morioka Zoo in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture has a host of both fierce and cuddly animals on its premises. Among the zoo’s current highlights are opportunities to see a baby giraffe, make dinner for the elephants, and feed raw meat to a lion. Oh, and did we mention that the animals there seem to have a penchant for looking dead while simply taking a snooze? 

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Mother Duck and her 14 ducklings stroll the streets of Kyoto to get home 【Videos】

Why did the chicken cross the road? We don’t know, we don’t speak Chicken. But we do know why the ducks in Kyoto cross the road. To get to the Kamo River!

Don’t be mistaken, we don’t speak Duck either, but that’s what the ducks have been doing for the past decade or so, and this year they’ve completed the procession again with a record number of baby ducks in tow!

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Adorable terrorists take over campaign office, hide in shoes

We recently reported on Japan’s recent trouble with traffic backups in otter pipes, but it seems the country is facing another animal menace: feathered anarchists interfering in the political process!

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