These let you experience the Nintendo classic on a whole new level!

There are a ton of talented cooks around the world that strive to recreate masterpieces of delicious food seen in anime and manga, but how many of them go as far as replicating actual game graphics?

That’s exactly what Japanese pastry chef @sucurepan did with her adorable recreations of game pieces from Yoshi’s Cookie. It’s a plate of–you guessed it–cookies.

▼ “I told myself that I was definitely going to make these Yoshi’s Cookie cookies this year, and yesterday, I made that happen. My childhood dream!

What’s impressive is that she not only nailed the shape and type of cookie (especially the checkerboard cookies!), but she also managed to accurately replicate the green of our beloved Yoshi. It must have also taken some skill to make the petals on the daisy cookies match the ones in the game!

▼ Here’s a clip from the game for comparison.

Another Twitter user commented that there had actually been Yoshi’s Cookie cookies for sale back in the day, but just by glancing at the box, we can tell that @sucurepan made a much more convincing model.

▼ They also look small. What’s fun about that?

Many Yoshi’s Cookie fans and netizens reacted to her creation with delight and awe.

“These are sooo cute! The green of Yoshi is beautiful.”
“A real-life version of Yoshi’s Cookie! Anyone who’s played this game has had this dream. It’s a perfect replica!!”
“These cookies and how they’re lined up are amazing.”
“It looks just like the game…wow!”

While the coronavirus pandemic has many staying at home much more than they’re used to, we’re at least glad that it has inspired some to get creative with their home cooking and baking!

Sources: Twitter/@sucurepan via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Twitter/@sucurepan
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