Yoshi transformation hoodie gives you the stylish look of Super Mario’s dino pal【Photos】

Japanese fashion brand teams up with Nintendo for Colorful Yoshi Collection roomwear line.

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Mario isn’t number one? Nintendo plumber doesn’t win Super Mario series character popularity poll

Dark horse candidate isn’t thrown away by fans, pulls off upset.

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Culinary cosplayer shows how to make a Super Mario Yoshi egg sandwich

A super-easy trick lets you make Nintendo magic happen in your kitchen.

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Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward enlists the help of internet cat characters to remind us to wear masks

This new Working Cats x Shinjuku Ward campaign clip draws from cuteness for coronavirus preventive measures.
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Tokyo Olympic chairman’s Super Mario reference isn’t as heartwarming as he thought it would be

Following former prime minister’s Super Mario cosplay, says he wants to be like Nintendo star’s in-game “partner,” but doesn’t fully understand the relationship.

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Japanese pastry chef creates delicious cookie replicas of Yoshi’s Cookie【Photos】

These let you experience the Nintendo classic on a whole new level!

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Nintendo has made maybe the coolest video game pamphlet ever for Yoshi’s Crafted World【Video】

Crafty designers create an endless loop of origami-style fun out of what looks like a simple sheet of paper.

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Awesome limited-edition Super Mario toys to come with McDonald’s Japan’s Happy Meals

Collect all ten of these cleverly designed packages of competitive fun before they run out.

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Bowsette fan art spreads to more Mario characters with sexy princesses from Boo, Yoshi, and more

Mario’s friends and foes alike enchant the Internet as they fall under the enchantment of the Super Crown.

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Nintendo confirms that yes, Mario is punching Yoshi in the back of the head in Super Mario World

As if we didn’t already feel bad enough from sending Yoshi plummeting into all those bottomless pits, Nintendo gives us yet another source of video game grief.

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Nintendo’s Yarn Yoshi Amiibo is back, now bigger (and cuter) than ever!

Back in the spring, we got all weak in the knees when Nintendo decided to forgo hard plastic and instead craft an Amiibo figure of its loveable dinosaur Yoshi out of soft, cuddly wool. But while the yarn Yoshi can help you play through the game and look adorable perched on the palm of your hand, he’s a little too small for a proper cuddle.

So for those gamers who want to give Yoshi a proper squeeze, Nintendo is releasing a jumbo-sized version.

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This woolly Yoshi Amiibo will make magic happen on-screen, be your bedtime buddy afterwards

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that, as well as being a huge video game nerd, I’m also a bit of a tree-hugger at heart, albeit one that possess neither a tie-dyed t-shirt nor the coordination required to play hacky sack. So as much as I like the idea of surrounding myself with dozens of Nintendo’s cute little Amiibo figurines, I just can’t bring myself to add yet more mass-produced plastic junk to my home when I know that it’ll only end up in a landfill someday (come on, Amiibo can be hard to find, but they’re hardly collector’s items).

But this woolly Yoshi Amiibo announced by Nintendo of America last night is not only much kinder to the environment, it’s one of the most adorable things ever, so I don’t think I’ll be able to resist getting one of my own.

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What’s this little green dinosaur’s name? If you said “Yoshi” we’ve got news for you…

Nicknames can be confusing things, especially when they’re the only name by which you’ve ever known someone. I can clearly remember the moment when my friend’s Japanese wife looked at me with a mixture of surprise and betrayal, for example, when she found out that Phil (or “Firu” as it’s awkwardly pronounced in Japanese) is in fact short for Philip.

But after learning that the same green dinosaur that I’ve traversed hundreds of levels, raced go-karts and carried baby Mario back to his parents with since I was about 10 years old isn’t actually called Yoshi, I can kind of understand why she was so shocked.

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There’s a reason Yoshi dogs don’t exist in the real world: They’d be absolutely terrifying

If there are any small children in the room, now might be a good time to send them to bed or off on an errand. We can’t guarantee that they’ll sleep a wink tonight after seeing this “Nintendog” poodle with its fur dyed and made up to look like Yoshi from the Super Mario series.

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Era’s Adventures in Intellectual Property Rightsland

Recently a new game developed for Android devices, Era’s Adventures was turning heads for its main character, Era’s slight resemblance to Nintendo’s famous dinosaur Yoshi.  The attention had gotten so big that it caught the eye of Nintendo’s legal team who decided to have a chat with the developer, Botond Kopacz.

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Sadistic Super Mario World is Back with New Levels, Made by Friends for Friends…

If you’re anything like me, you spent tens, if not hundreds of hours during the 1990s in front of a TV set playing Super Nintendo games like Super Mario World.

The game is often heralded as the greatest 2-D Mario game ever made, and is still played even 22 years (feel old yet!?) after its original launch.

You’d be wrong, though, if you thought that people were still playing just the levels that Nintendo crafted for its consumers decades ago; throughout the world there are entire groups of people with ROM files and hacked versions of the original game code who are regularly creating new levels, sometimes entire worlds, of their very own.

But why create nice, gentle levels filled with dancing flowers and 1-up mushrooms when you could create the most sadistic, mind-bending stages ever conceived of and force your friends to play through them?

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