Nintendo’s employee recruiting pamphlet is a full-color Super Mario storybook【Photos】

No boring charts or dull text for video gaming’s most playful AAA publisher.

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Japanese cosplay model shows off thighs, but fans’ eyes are on her Nintendo 64 controller grip

”That’s not how you hold an N64 controller!” say commenters, but maybe they need a history lesson.

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Nintendo’s historic former headquarters in Kyoto to reopen as a hotel

Management promises “comfortable hospitality for both domestic and international travelers.”

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Japanese man turns his house into a stage from Donkey Kong

His room design is absolutely bananas!

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Do your kids believe in Santa? Japanese electronics shop wants to know for a very special reason

A simple Nintendo Switch purchase comes with a surprising question, and amazing customer service.

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Mario Kart apparel line pulls into Uniqlo just in time for Christmas【Photos】

Tie-up with Nintendo’s racing hit has T-shirt and power-up hoodies.

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Get a “playful” look with the new Kirby clothing collaboration

A Nintendo character well-known for his ability to inhale things, but his new clothes collaboration certainly doesn’t suck!
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Nintendo’s Kirby is trying to eat pet rabbits in Japan【Photos】

Official Kirby Cafe merchandise turns out to be startlingly, and adorably, good at recreating the Nintendo star’s in-game power.

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Life-size Mewtwo, graffiti Pikachu welcome us to the newest Pokémon Center megastore in Shibuya

So much awesome merch from the grand opening of Tokyo’s brand-new Pokémon destination!

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Nintendo Tokyo, Nintendo’s first ever dedicated shop in Japan, opens–here’s the awesome merch!

A massive photo safari of the treasure trove of amazing stuff waiting at Nintendo’s brand-new Shibuya destination store!

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New visual unveiled for Universal Studios Japan’s Nintendo World shows a pixel-perfect panorama

Look forward to real-life takes on Peach and Bowser’s castles, Mario Kart themed attractions and more!
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We preview Japan’s first-ever Nintendo Tokyo, Capcom Store and Shibuya Pokémon Centre megastore

Mr. Sato takes us on a tour of Cyberspace Shibuya inside Parco ahead of its grand opening. 

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Large-breasted female fighting game character barred from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series

”Please forgive us,” says director, while explaining that Smash Bros. is “a game for good little children.”

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Beautiful Zelda, awesome Pokémon/Mario crossover merch are Nintendo Tokyo shop exclusives【Pics】

Extra-cute Animal Crossing kitchenware also on offer at Japan’s first-ever dedicated Nintendo store.

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Japanese mom/hardcore Zelda fan makes huge hand-drawn map of Breath of the Wild’s world【Photos】

And what’s even more amazing is the incredible way she made it.

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Nintendo announces grand opening date for new official shop in Tokyo, shows off exclusive merch

Japan’s first-ever official Nintendo store is almost here, but you can start putting together your shopping list right now.

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World’s #1 Smash Bros. player takes on random kid in Japan’s Narita Airport

Local competitive play lets unsuspecting boy rub elbows with the king of Nintendo’s crossover hit.

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New Zelda game’s old cheat teaches Japanese kid a valuable lesson about actions and consequences

Eye-opening Link’s Awakening Easter egg shocks boy, shows it only takes a moment to do something bad that will damage your reputation forever.

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Kid’s mom says video games are pointless, kid grows up to be part of new Zelda game’s soundtrack

26 years after having to hide under his bed sheets to play Link’s Awakening, this musician is part of the game’s remake.

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Nintendo’s crazy new Ring-Con and RingFit Adventure are its new exercise/gaming hybrid【Video】

Developers promise new title is “an adventure game first and foremost.”

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