Entire Internet bonds over a “smashing” gesture of kindness from Japanese online game seller

An unexpected gift causes one online buyer to joyfully relive Christmas Day of ’99 again.

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Cool trailer for Mario Tennis Aces pits Mario against world champion Rafael Nadal【Video】

Who’s going to win? Bowser-bashing plumber with super powers or the best tennis player in the world?

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New 8-bit Nintendo classic system announced for Japan with 20 games not in last version

Famicom Mini Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Version is all about manga/anime games, but that could spell disaster for North America.

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Ready, set… woomy! Sanrio new character collaboration poll starts, featuring Splatoon 2 and more

Hello Kitty’s home company is running its yearly poll to decide which out-of-company character will get their own event at the Puroland theme park.
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Nintendo Switch Online launches in September, comes with 20 free games and cloud save for a fee

Enjoy exclusive features and take your games online for some epic fun for as little as $4 a month.

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Foreigners welcomed to apply for jobs as designers on Nintendo’s new Legend of Zelda game

Why keep the job you have now when you could be creating Hyrule’s forests, dungeons, and monsters instead?

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Nintendo’s newest president announced for when Kimishima steps down

Nintendo’s sixth president is confirmed to start his job in June, although Tatsumi Kimishima will stay on in an assisting role.  Read More

New manga to reveal secrets of creation of Pokémon

The story of the man who brought us Pikachu and countless other fantastical creatures to feature in an educational manga next month.

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Paranormal activity sensed at a Twitter user’s local arcade…and Kirby is the cause?!

A trick of the light has Japanese social media checking every crane game for evil apparitions.

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Nintendo replaces almost all of gamer’s broken 3DS, hardly charges him anything for the parts

Video game giant continues to be a customer service titan as it restores fan’s original model 3DS.

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Clip shows Nintendo wouldn’t be the powerhouse it is today without cards and yakuza【Video】

Now one of the most influential firms in the video game industry, few know of the company’s past struggles.

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Super Mario is officially a plumber again, Nintendo says

Those Super Mario Odyssey royalty checks aren’t going to last forever, so it’s really about time the video game star rejoined the workforce.

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Cosplaying go-kart driver strikes bicyclist in hit-and-run collision in Akihabara

Police track down, arrest Taiwanese national. Mario presumed innocent.

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Rumors of leaked starter Pokémon for next game in series have fans keeping their fingers crossed

Their authenticity is debatable, but their cuteness is unquestionable.

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Catch ’em all again! New Pokémon Switch game anticipated to be released as early as this year

Company’s recruitment page tells us we won’t have long to wait to collect the little critters all over again.

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Poyo! A match made in Dreamland with a giant Kirby and manju cake set

The universe’s cutest Star Warrior, and star of Nintendo games, Kirby uses his Copy Ability to become huggable…that or it’s an adorably soft toy.

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Nintendo announces its next mobile app release: Mario Kart Tour!

The beloved kart racing game will soon be playable even without a Nintendo console.
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129-year-old photo of Nintendo headquarters shows company hasn’t always been run from a gray box

The oldest known photograph of the video game company’s offices is pure Kyoto.

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Nintendo Labo: Mad genius sets to build your own Switch controllers out of cardboard【Video】

Some would say Nintendo’s video games killed the conventional kids’ toy market, but now they might be bringing it back.

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Nintendo and Pokémon Company help grade-school boy get over bullying incident, earn lifelong fan

Want to know why Nintendo fans are so loyal? Because of touching stories like this.

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