Back in high school, the best my friends and I could come up with to cause a ruckus was a little underage drinking, but kids these days can manage to bring countries to the brink of war with their shenanigans. Lawless whippersnappers!

According to reports in a local newspaper, a group of about 30 rowdy Korean teens on a school excursion entered a convenience store in Beijing, grabbed a bunch of merchandise, and ran out of the store, leaving the staff with nothing to do but run after them calling, “Thief, thief!” Eyewitnesses said the female clerk was working by herself at the time and was tearful and distraught at the unfortunate turn of events.

The kids ran onto a sightseeing bus, but people in the neighborhood surrounded it, preventing the bus from moving. The adult in charge came out to talk with the crowd and promised to pay damages if no one called the police. However, citizens reported the incident at a local police box, and upon arriving 15 minutes later, the officers found about 1740 yuan (about US$280) worth of cigarettes, beer, snacks and other merchandise on the bus.

It may not have been the international experience school authorities were thinking of when they planned the trip, but it looks like the kids are going to find out a whole lot about the Chinese legal system.

Via Hachima Kikou