Anime scenes come to life with a collection of weapons and accessories. 

Premium Bandai has a reputation for producing some of the world’s best figures, with design details and features that are second to none. Now that expertise is on display yet again, this time with two new figurine sets from Studio Ghibli’s 1984 anime film, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

▼ The first figurine set consists of two Tolmekian Armoured Soldiers.

The soldiers come with a whole armoury of equipment, so you can create a wide variety of poses and battle scenes.

The armour has been expertly painted to create just the right amount of shine and texture to look like the real thing, while 20 movable parts throughout the body allow for natural poses.

Some of those poses include banner holding…

▼ …sword and assault rifle attacks…

▼ …shield defence…

▼ …and walking in formation.

When the soldiers aren’t out on the battle field, they’ll be right at home on your desk.

The second set contains one Tolmekian Armoured Soldier and Kushana, the Imperial Princess of Tolmekia and the trainer of the soldiers.

This is another impressive set that comes with cloaks, weapons and hand parts to create dynamic scenes.

One of the most impressive features of this set is Kushana’s headgear, which can be removed or adjusted to replicate the different looks seen in the movie.

By combining both the Kushana & Tolmekian Armoured Soldier and Tolmekian Armoured Soldier Set of Two, you can create some powerful scenes.

▼ If money is no object, there’s no end to the platoons you can create!

And if you were lucky enough to purchase the Nausicaä and Lord Yupa figures previously released by Premium Bandai, these new figures will fit in nicely, as they’re the same scale.

The Kushana & Tolmekian Armoured Soldier set is priced at 11,000 yen (US$71.24), while the Tolmekian Armoured Soldier Set of Two is priced at 10,450 yen. Both can be pre-purchased now at Premium Bandai outlets and online, but only in limited numbers, and with shipping scheduled for October. If you’d like to start building your army now, these other Tolmekian soldier action figures are ready and waiting to defend you.

Sources: Premium Bandai, @Press via Japaaan
Featured image: Premium Bandai

Insert images: @Press
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