sharp light

We have to hand it to Sharp Electronics, no matter how many times industry pundits herald its downfall, the company pulls something innovative out of the bag. This time, the people that brought you ion cluster photocopiers and solar panel windows has unveiled a new ceiling light that it claims can actually help people in the room maintain focus while studying, and actually inspire productivity.

Sharp’s “sakura iro“, or cherry blossom-coloured, light has a dimmer control that allows users to transform a room from a cold, harshly lit cell of sadness into a warm, inviting environment that, the company maintains, can help motivate and keep us focused for longer when working or studying.

▼ Regular “cold” lights versus the softer cherry blossom light. Concentration comparison graph (left) and motivation graph (right)

sharp light image 2

The shade changes throughout the day, automatically emitting a harsher pink in the morning when we first get up, moving through to a warmer, more comforting “Yoshino cherry tree” shade towards dinner time. Furthermore, the light is believed to be much kinder to tired eyes and make the transition from waking to sleep easier we when do eventually decide to power down for the night.

The lights are due to retail from 40,000 yen (US$432) for a unit suitable for a room of 13 square metres, to 55,000 yen for a 23-metre-square room light, and are due to go on sale in the middle of March. Whether there will be a genuine demand for the pretty pink lights, however, remains to be seen. We’re sure that Hello Kitty fans will get a kick out of it either way.

Source/images: ガジェット速報