Hello Kitty Maneki adj
We’ve brought to you many stories previously about how Hello Kitty isn’t picky at all about her jobs. Collaborating with other popular characters, operating hotels and restaurants, changing herself into various foods (and even going nude!) — you name it, she’s probably done it. Yes, she’s the internationally loved cat of all trades. And you may love her even more once you find out just why she’s been working so hard.

According to an article published on Nikkei, Sanrio’s  managing director, Sususmu Emori announced that the company is now virtually debt-free, having managed to greatly improve its finances over the past few years with its now highly profitable copyright sales business. Japanese Internet users are saying that they now know why Hello Kitty has been keeping herself so busy around the world — it was to pay off her company’s debt!!

And pay off Sanrio’s debt, she certainly did. Although at one point the company’s liabilities had grown to substantial amounts due to expenses such as shop maintenance costs, as of the end of 2012, Sanrio’s liquid assets exceeded its liabilities. And this has been owing in large part to Hello Kitty copyright sales to foreign businesses such as apparel makers in the U.S and Europe. In fact, the Nikkei article mentions that copyright sales revenue now makes up nearly 40% of the company’s consolidated net sales.

So, Hello Kitty is not just an adorable mascot character, she’s the cat that literally turned her company around. Way to go, Ms. Kitty! We knew all your hard work would pay off! You certainly deserve a huge pat on your back and a nice cold glass of … errr… catnip drink?

Source: Nikkei.com (Japanese)
via Hachimakiko (Japanese)

Top Image: Amazon JP

Well done, Ms Kitty! You definitely deserve a little celebratory drink …

Hello Kitty beer photo by: anokarina

…or a relaxing soak in a hot spring (onsen) bath!

Hello Kitty onsenphoto by: nSeika