kyotocos_01The Kyoto subway was swarmed by mobs of cosplayers last weekend, alarming some commuters and intriguing others. Though Japan may be thought of as the “land of cosplay,” it’s actually extremely rare to see this many layers (shortening of “cosplayers”) out and about in public. Cosplay is all well and good at certain events, but a major no-no in areas where it can cause trouble for the uninitiated.

So what were all these guys (yes, mainly guys) doing on the subway? Why, promoting the upcoming Kyoto Manga Anime Festival and it’s connected cosplay event, GO-TAN! of course!


GO-TAN! is an active cosplay group that organizes events in and around Kyoto. This time, they’ve got quite an area staked out for the use of fans that wish to don the garb of their favorite characters and take some snazzy outdoor pictures! The cosplay space will span from Uzumasa Tenjigawa to Rokujizou, but be careful that you don’t stray out of the specified area while still in costume (It’s against the event rules and might get the organizers in trouble with the locals).

Online sign-ups for this cosplay photo shoot started on August 25. The main event is September 7 and 8 at Heian Jingu-mae Okazaki Park. It’s only 1,000 yen (about US$10) to participate as either a cosplayer or a cameraman, so those of you in the Kansai area looking to bust out your ninja headbands and keyblades should check it out!