Back in 2009 an interesting design for a bottle of Samurai Vodka was posted on Behance, a website where graphic artists and designers can showcase their works. More recently, it was picked up by a Reddit user, thus sending the clever design by Arthur Schreiber viral around the world. And quite frankly it deserves to be seen in all four corners.

If you’re like me, your first thought was probably: “Where can I buy this?” Unfortunately, Samurai Vodka is fictitious rice vodka created by Schreiber to add context to his bottle design.  However, he does state that he is open to offers for any beverage maker looking to acquire it. Considering the attention it’s been getting recently, that might not be a bad investment.

Now your second thought might be: “Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t the top half of the bottle sliding the wrong way?” This bothered several Reddit users as well. Some imagined that an upward strike might cause the top half of the bottle to momentarily slide upwards, but someone posted a video demonstrating how that’s not the case. This video has also become my favorite of the month.

This reminds me to post my design concept for Ninja Vodka. It’s disguised as a regular bottle of Smirnoff, but the vodka inside can suddenly disappear without a trace… usually when I get dumped by my girlfriend.

Source: Behance, reddit (English) via Byokan Sunday (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – mavropiperi