This week saw a bizarre incident in the world of Korean pro basketball, when a coach decided that the usual method of yelling at one of his players just wasn’t enough to get his point across. His novel solution? Tape their mouth shut.

The incident occurred at a game between Ulsan Mobis Phoebus and Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation on February 17. Mobius was in the lead at 77-64 when coach Yoo Jae-Hak called a time out in order to berate one of his players. Ham Ji-Hoon had apparently made a mistake in defense, and the coach couldn’t seem to contain his anger any longer.

In the video we can see coach yelling at the player, looking rather like an angry schoolmaster, before demanding someone to bring him a roll of tape. The tape is found so quickly, it’s almost like someone was standing by waiting for this very moment. They helpfully tear off a piece for Ji-Hoon and coach instructs him tape up his mouth as his fellow players stay out of it. Or, in Rod Benson’s case, very obviously try to hide their laughter. Ji-Hoon hesitates, but eventually decides to cut his losses and just do as he’s told.

The game was broadcast on TV and the audience witnessed the whole thing, complete with uncomfortable close-ups. After the match, fans criticized the coach’s actions as controlling and humiliating.

The furore has died down a bit since the coach issued an apology on February 17, in which he said: “I am very sorry for showing this unpleasant scene to the basketball fans and TV audience. From now on I will endeavour to be a more mature coach.” However, he may still face some kind of disciplinary action such as a fine.

What do you think? Is this degrading and unnecessary? Or perhaps it was about time a coach showed his players who’s boss?

Check out the video below for the whole awkward scene.

Source: NicoNico News,  YouTube