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One of the best things about camping is gathering around the fire at the end of the day to cook, eat and drink with friends and family. Free of the trappings of our modern life, we’re able to focus on the food, the nature around us, and – a something of a rarity in our paradoxically lonely social network-obsessed world – each other.

But cooking out in the wilderness can be a fiddly affair. With none of our modern kitchen appliances or shining stainless steel countertops on which to prepare meals, doing something as simple as chopping up an onion for the pot can be a real pain, least not for the poor soul who has to carry a wooden chopping board and knife in their backpack.

This genius device from India, however, does away with the need for a knife and chopping board altogether making campfire cooking an absolute breeze.

This video was first uploaded to YouTube back in 2012, but it only recently made a splash here in Japan. Regardless of when the knife featured in the video was invented, though, we can firmly say that we want one of these little gizmos for our next camping trip!

Consisting of two simple parts, a blade with a handle and a kebab-style skewer onto which it slides, this knife is operated simply by rotating the blade while the vegetable you want to cut – be it a cabbage, artichoke, carrot, whatever – is firmly on the skewer.

Watch as this man makes short work of a number of veggies.

No mess, no fuss! Add this to our list of essential camping equipment!

Source: YouTube
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