After Japan’s hopes of advancing in the World Cup were dashed by a 1-4 defeat to Colombia, Japanese football fans have been looking for something to get them smiling again. And Ivory Coast’s goalie provided just the opportunity.

Group C is made up of Japan, Greece, Colombia, and Ivory Coast. While Japan lost their match, and any hopes of advancing to the next stage, to Colombia, Ivory Coast were suffering their own defeat an hour later at the hands (and feet) of Greece. However, the match was not without its high points, with a mid-game equalizer coming from striker Wilfried Bony. And their goalkeeper, Boubacar Barry, was so happy with this equalizer that he…ate grass? Yep, the excited goalie was filmed with a mouthful of the green pitch, striding towards the camera and looking more than a little manic.

Whether or not he actually swallowed the mouthful is unknown.

Apparently this tickled the funny bones of glum Japan fans tuning into the match to take their minds off their own team’s thrashing, and Twitter was flooded with screencaps and gratuitous ‘lols’.

Here’s a case in point. ‘ww’ in Japanese ‘Net slang is the equivalent of ‘lol’ in English, so this would probably translate as something along the lines of ‘lolololololololol’.

Perhaps not the most exciting thing ever to have happened in a football match but, as an English woman, I know the value of a little humour after the fantasy of a World Cup victory has been ruined by reality (and bad football) yet again.

Source: Jin115