Public transport such as trains and buses serves millions of commuters each day. Regardless of the country, there are rules and codes of conduct (both written by law and unspoken) that should be observed to ensure all commuters can enjoy a safe, comfortable journey. Although most public transport users adhere to these rules and social norms, there are also bound to be those who ignore them and annoy the hell out of their fellow passengers with their inconsiderate behavior, like these people, who fellow commuters in Korea recently decided to snap and shame online.

Of course, rules and social norms vary in each country, so there are things that may be prohibited in one country, but allowed in another.

For example, in Japan, there are no explicit rules that prohibit eating or drinking in trains (though some people regard eating in trains as a violation of manners), but passengers are required to switch their mobile phones to “manner mode” (silent mode) and talking on the phone in trains is generally frowned upon. Passengers sitting or standing near the priority or courtesy seats are asked to completely switch off their cell phones, a rather unique rule that was supposedly implemented to show consideration to passengers who use pacemakers.

▼ Passengers seen using their phones near the priority seats may be verbally requested to turn off their phones by patrolling train officers.

In Singapore, smoking, eating and drinking in trains is strictly prohibited and enforced with fines. While passengers can freely use their cell phones in the train, durians aren’t allowed onboard due to the strong smell of the fruit, a rule unique to the durian-loving tropical country.

▼ No fines for bringing durians on board, but a little consideration for fellow passengers never harmed anyone.

In Korea, it seems that eating, drinking and smoking in train cabins is also prohibited, but Korean internet users have been posting these sightings of inconsiderate passengers on local public transport who have broken the rules and challenged the tolerance levels of their fellow commuters.

▼ Eating cup noodles on the subway? She must have great confidence that the train isn’t going to jerk.

▼ That looks like alcohol she’s drinking from the bottle.

▼ Smoking is taking things way too far, people.


▼ We’re not familiar with the law, but we’re pretty sure urinating in trains is not allowed.

There are also behaviors that may not be breaking any written rules, but are generally unsightly.

▼ Women airing their feet and sitting in an improper manner. Well, it would have been equally disturbing had it been men doing the same thing.



▼ People sleeping on the floor.

▼ No one wants to see your boxers, sir. Well, except those two people in the next cabin, maybe.

▼ Couples using the seats at the train station as their living room couch. Now everyone knows they love each other… and that the girl wears black safety shorts under her dress.

▼ They did so much shopping they had to sell their car and steal the trolleys to transport their purchases home on the train. (Hypothetical situation)

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What do you think of such behavior on public transport? Are there any unique public transport rules where you live? Share your views in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Nate (1, 2), ItSue, GGemguide, Gasengi, Pitt Urban Studies in Singapore and Malaysia, Cyber Life 2ch