Sometimes just keeping up with the news makes you despair for humanity. Between all the war, racially motivated killings, ethnic strife, and general meanness, you have to wonder if we will ever be able to get along.

It’s been one of those days and I needed a pick-me-up, so here is a collection of photos of dogs and cats getting along. Because if they can manage to overcome their differences, maybe we can too.

The following photos are currently getting a ton of love online here in Japan. See if you can tell why…

 ▼Animal version of ‘the floor is lava’?f79bbf58

▼This is what my family tree looks like too.9eb32769

▼Cats are pros at the full-body lovin’.68c2c782

▼Ironically, they are both dreaming of chasing squirrels.58a092cc

▼Ginger here has an interesting tactic in the neverending quest to find a comfortable spooning position. Head butt!e3ce427f

▼He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.7306c2c6

▼Black and white, cat and dog, they don’t care about their differences. 77d2cc1a

▼Putting their heads together to find ways of bringing their species together.88fcf335

▼”You got a little something on your face, dude. I’ll get it.”891373d5

▼Never too big to hug.dec0b0c1

▼”Why are we still in bed? I think the better question is why aren’t you in here with us?”69385193

▼”Nobody interrupts the boss while he’s sleeping.”61614fe2

▼”Are you going to eat that?”a21c9e27

▼ An infinity loop of love.7d95ddba

▼ These guys know age, species, and size are relative when it comes to love.141f956b

▼Bonding over their shared Napoleon complexes.27325ba1

Ah, I feel better now. Thanks, interspecies snorglers!

Source and images: Hamusoku