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If you’ve got a cat or dog you love, odds are you’ve got a few pictures of your animal companion on display around the home you share. But what if you could give those visual reminders of your precious pet a loving pat on the nose?

Japanese company Poppet just started taking orders for its unique pet reliefs this week. Each is hand-made in order to capture your animal’s features in charming, three-dimensional realism. Made of plastic, the reliefs are light and durable, and pictures from Poppet’s website seem to imply that they can even hold up to a little petting.

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There’s no need to take your pooch or kitty in for a 3-D modeling session, though. All you have to do is provide Poppet with a single digital photograph, and the company’s craftsmen will do the rest.

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You don’t need a professionally taken photograph, but there are a few points to keep in mind when selecting which of your pet’s photos you want made into a Poppet relief. Obviously, the higher the resolution, the better, and the company recommends at least an eight megapixel photo. You’ll want your pet to be facing the lens, centered in the photograph, and with its mouth closed. It’s also best to make sure the animal is sitting up or standing, since if its resting its head on the ground the lines of its face will distort, making them difficult to reproduce in three dimensions. Finally, make sure you aren’t zoomed in too tight, since Poppet needs to be able to incorporate elements of the background for the flat areas of the relief.

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To help make the finished product as convincing as possible, the nose and eyes are treated with a coating that gives them a moist appearance, just like the real things.

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The pet reliefs are ordinarily priced at 14,800 yen (US$123), but from now until the end of December they’re available for a discounted price of 12,500 yen. If you’d like to have your pet dog or cat peeking out of a frame at you, orders can be placed here.

Source: Kai-You, Poppet
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