Having a bad day? You need to know this hashtag that will bring you peace, joy, and cute animals

Because nothing calms the heart like adorable, sleeping puppers, right?

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Japanese Shiba Inu runs a sweet potato stand, melts hearts everywhere

Hot potatoes selling like…hot potatoes, thanks to this friendly doge.

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Yakiniku chain store lets customers enjoy delicious Japanese barbecue together with their dogs

Humans get to enjoy tasty grilled meat, so why not our pets, too?

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Protective pup plays game of defending food while asking for trouble【Video】

Corgis never made much sense to begin with, but Chikuwa-kun really takes the cake for strange behavior here. 

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Shiba Inu marshmallows from Japan may be too cute to eat, are definitely too soft to not squeeze

Smiling Shiba are the latest offering from Japan’s number-one cat merch maker.

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Shiba-sip your beverages with adorable glasses from Japan that turn your drink into a Shiba Inu

Or celebrate another iconic symbol of Japan with a 3-D cherry blossom art glass.

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Adorable pet dog’s Japanese-style housecleaning video convinces the Internet he’s a very good boy

Shiba Inu’s zokingake technique may not be the best but it is the cutest.

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Japanese Shiba Inu stops baby’s cries like a doting parent, melts hearts for being a good dog

Doge shows off a special technique for instantly calming a crying baby. 

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Loving husky dog gives her owner the most enthusiastic greeting, and also the loudest

When this owner returned to her hometown for a few days, her family dog’s reaction was priceless.

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Shiba Inu in the snow: Japanese dogs melt hearts with their love for the cold【Pics & Video】

Warm your cockles with these smiling pups gleefully throwing themselves into the snow.

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Official Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball cosplay outfits from Japan turn your pet into an anime hero

All Sailor Senshi represented, and a few Dragon Ball villains are also part of the new line of pet supplies.

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Absolutely adorable Twitter video shows Japanese toddler topple over, get comforted by puppies

You know what they say…when you get knocked down, get right back up again, unless you’re being besieged by adorable puppy dogs.
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If this adorable Shiba dog can learn to speak a word in Japanese (and he has), so can you【Video】

Yeah, yeah, people say Japanese is a hard language to learn. But Beni shows that even a humble pooch can pick up some vocabulary.

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Gorgeous husky dog duo from Japan teaches us how to play cute, sleep cute, live cute

The Siberian husky couple Fils and Goo are a big hit online – they play rough with each other, but sleep in a cute cuddly heart!

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Synchronized Shiba siblings spark spontaneous satisfied squeals【Video】

Who can resist those smooshy faces and all-too-cute tongues?

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Original SoftBank dog Kai-kun passes away at 16

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the life and times of a very good boy.

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Loving Japanese son accidentally feeds dog snacks to his family on Father’s Day

Satisfied diners say the food was “delicious.”
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Lusty Japanese dog shows it knows exactly what anime “huggy” pillows are really for【Video】

And other otaku have a theory about where he learned it.

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Japan continues to make pooping cute with adorable Shiba Inu toilet paper covers

Adding a touch of canine cuteness to the homes of housebroken doggy lovers.

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Hilarious chase ensues as tiny dog chases Google Street View car in Kagoshima

Japanese social media users fall in love as dog chases down Google Street View car many times its size.

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