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As any nutritionist will tell you, fresh produce is important. Whether you’re talking about essential vitamins, minerals, or fiber, fruits and vegetables are filled with all sorts of good things…including adorable cats and dogs, thanks to these eye-catching pet beds.

Pet supply company Uni Habitat is all about harmoniously combining the space shared by pets and their owners, as you could probably guess from its slogan of “Human X Dog X Cat Live Together.” But while Uni Habitat spends most of its time focused on the animal kingdom, its latest offerings take inspiration from delicious plant life.

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The Vegetable Pet Bed series consists of three options. The most vibrantly colored is the mikan, or mandarin orange.

▼ Technically, this makes it a Fruit Pet Bed, but how can we argue semantics when the result is this cute?

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If you’d prefer some leafy greens, there’s also a cabbage bed.

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And finally, here’s the kabocha, a type of pumpkin-like squash that’s commonly eaten in Japan.

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The hand-sewn polyester beds are constructed like a pouch, with a drawstring that you can tug to give your kitty a warm, snug sleeping space. When drawn up, they measure 65 x 55 x 22 centimeters (25.6 x 21.67 x 8.7 inches).

▼ There’s even a little pouch to tuck the string into.

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If you’re worried that even that won’t have your animal companion feeling warm enough, though, there’s also an opening at the base that you can run an electrical cord through, allowing you to line the inside of the bed with a separately purchased heating pad.

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Alternatively, if your pet is the type that likes to stretch out and lounge luxuriously, completely letting out the slack in the drawstring turns the sack-like bed into a 90 x 80 x 12-centimeter cushioned mat.

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And while the majority of Uni Habitat’s official photo gallery shows the beds being used by cats, the company points out that dogs love it too.

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The Vegetable Pet Bed series can be ordered from Amazon Japan and Rakuten, with prices starting at 4,374 yen (US$37).

Sources: IT Media, Uni Habitat
Images: Uni Habitat (edited by RocketNews24)