What is now known as the “Ghost Tower” was dreamed up once upon a time in the 1990s when Thailand’s economy was rapidly expanding. Originally meant to be called the Sathorn Unique, the skyscraper was envisioned as one of many luxury apartments that were to populate the bustling Bangkok cityscape. However, the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis had other plans, halting construction and causing developers to abandon the project altogether. Now the Sathorn Unique stands as a ghostly reminder of what could have been and a perilous playground for intrepid travelers.

Peering up at the the tower, you can’t help but wonder what could have been. The building itself looks as if it was meant to be exquisite upon completion, but nearly two decades of neglect have painted an eery aura around the place.

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The 49-story tower looks absolutely post-apocalyptic and locals say its haunted. But despite tales of ghosts and the very real existence of rotting floors and fragile stairs, a few brave explorers have entered the Sathorn Unique.

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Sabrina Iovino over at Just One Way Ticket is one of these brave explorers, giving the faint of heart the chance to see inside the crumbling building.

▼ Here’s Sabrina. You know, just hanging off the edge of an abandoned, unfinished skyscraper.

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▼ Did we mention the building is unfinished?

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▼ Watch your step.

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▼ Nature slowly takes over.

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▼ Ghosts? Here? No way!

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▼ Climbing up that old escalator is an adventure in itself.

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▼ But you’ll be rewarded with a nice sofa to rest on at the top.

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▼ The Sathorn Unique was meant to house 659 residential units. Now it just houses broken bathtubs…and ghosts.

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▼ Entering the building is illegal, but if you really must go, please be careful! The place is falling apart!

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Need more of the Sathorn Unique? Check out Sabrina Iovino’s firsthand account of the climb over at Just One Way Ticket and take a look at the video below. Safe travels!

Source: Huffington PostJust One Way Ticket