Welcome to We Topia, or should we say “Wee Topia”.

On the north side of Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Station, you’ll find an underground passageway connecting east and west that was first constructed in 1925 under the name Zoshigaya Tunnel. In 1986, this dark and eerie concrete corridor was transformed into a brightly lit, inviting space after artists helped to overhaul it, and it was given the nickname “We Road“.

▼ Once a tunnel that many preferred to avoid, this is now a safe and attractive passageway.

Today, the renovated thoroughfare still works its calm-inducing magic over pedestrians, but now there’s a relatively new addition to the landscape that’s just as calming, and it can be found right next to We Road.

▼ This spot beside We Road is a place to, well…wee.

Yes, friends, this colourful space in front of the station’s north exit that looks like a stylish cafe or event space is actually a public restroom. Renovated over the course of a year, in response to concerns over the bathrooms being “dark and scary” and “uninviting for women”, the new-look restroom opened in October 2022, as part of Toshima Ward’s 90th Anniversary Project.

▼ The fairy wings above the building add a touch of whimsy to the landscape.

▼ Adding to the whimsy is the new name, “We Topia“, which to our ears sounds a lot like “Wee Topia“.

While the bathrooms are now much more inviting, they also exude an air of mystery and fantasy that makes you want to step inside and explore the interior.

Entering the restroom is like stepping inside a spaceship, with round lights and art on the walls…

▼ …as well as round skylights in the ceiling, beautifully painted with designs that sparkle at night…

▼ …and during the day.

▼ Even the doors are painted, so you can feel like you’re entering an impressionist painting.

Despite the newly renovated bathrooms being opened to the public around 18 months ago, they’re still in pristine condition, with cleaners visiting daily. Locals and tourists have been coming in increasing numbers too, with many stopping to snap photos of the unusual-looking restroom while exploring the area, which is also home to The Great Floating Buddha of Ikebukuro.

So next time you’re looking for a place to wee in Ikebukuro, head over to We Topia. And if you’re looking for another nice restroom in the city, the Tokyo Station Waterscape Toilet will definitely make you want to wee!

Site Information

Address: Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Nishiikebukuro 1-28-7

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