Master kaiju modeler creates wallet with two different Godzilla skin types.

King of the Monsters isn’t the kind of title one obtains earns easily or overnight, it’s one that Godzilla has shown he deserves over the past 70 years of onscreen battles, And if Godzilla is strong enough to be the apex member of kaiju nobility, surely he’s powerful enough to keep your money and credit cards safe, right?

That seems to be the logic behind the creation of the brand-new Godzilla wallet…or maybe it’s just that it looks awesome.

Created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the original Godzilla movie’s 1954 Japanese theatrical release, the wallet was designed by Akira Ibaraki. Ibaraki’s name might not be familiar to fashionistas, but he’s a master modeler of amazingly detailed figures from the Toho kaiju pantheon.

▼ Some of Ibaraki’s figure work

Of course, the wallet isn’t made out of actual Godzilla leather, because he’s just too powerful to skin. Instead, it’s cow leather, but treated to achieve the look of Godzilla’s rugged hide. Ishida even created two different textures, with one side of the wallet based on the skin of Godzilla’s chest, seen in the photo above, and the other on his legs, as shown below.

▼ Comparison of the chest leather (top left) and leg leather (bottom left)

Other cool details include a zipper pull shaped like Godzilla’s dorsal scales and a special Godzilla 70th anniversary pattern to the cloth inside the wallet.

▼ Multiple slots and pockets for bills, cards, and coins ensure that you’ll have everything you need to start a new life after you flee in terror as Godzilla crushes your home.

And since there’s absolutely no way anyone who’s buying this isn’t a huge Godzilla fan, even the box the wallet comes in plays to the kaiju’s aesthetics, with a reproduction of the 1954 movie’s poster on its front.

The Godzilla wallet is priced at 32,780 yen (US$207), is offered through Japanese online retailer Premico here, and would fashionably pair, of course, with some Godzilla shoes.

Source: @Press via Japaaan
Images: @Press
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