Apparently it’s easy to exorcise the spirits in your home, with the right technology. 

Japan has a long, rich history of ghost stories, from ancient tales of yokai monsters to various superstitions about creepy tunnels, historic shopping centers, haunted phone booths and spooky bridges. If you’ve seen any Japanese horror films, you know they have a creepy sense of what goes bump in the night, so it’s no surprise if we want to sleep with the lights on, even in our tiny Tokyo apartments.

But what if your home is actually haunted, like doors slamming when there’s no wind, lights turning on on their own, apparitions appearing and spooky sounds in the night? What can you do when there’s no actual Ghost Busters to call? Well, according to Twitter user Shinuko (@shinukosan), who resides in a haunted apartment, just use an air purifier, and it will take care of any ghosts for you.

▼ Translation below

“When I first moved into the apartment I’m living in now, there were a lot of strange happenings that really freaked me out. But then I got a (Sharp) Plasmacluster air purifier, and it all completely stopped. I did some research on ghosts, and I found out that ghosts are kind of like plasma. Isn’t it amazing that air purifiers can not only clean the air but also exorcise ghosts?”

Judging from the tweet, Shinuko didn’t use any old air purifier; they used a Sharp Plasmacluster, which, according to the product’s homepage, apparently has a function which produces and releases a plasma discharge that contains plus and minus ions, which clean the air by suppressing airborne mold particles, viruses, and allergens.

But what does that have to do with ghosts? Though we can’t be sure of what Shinuko found online, the “plasma” they read about might be referring to “ectoplasm“, which, according to the Covert Response Youth Paranormal Team, is a spiritual manifestation in the form of smoke or mist.

▼ Like this, maybe?

Shinuko doesn’t explain how the Plasmacluster’s plasma affects “ghost plasma”, so who knows what effect the purifier had on the spiritual energy in the apartment? Perhaps the positive and negative ions disrupted the plasma of the ghosts? Or it’s possible that the ions altered the charge of the air, so they couldn’t gather enough energy to manifest.

▼ Or maybe the air purifier just sucked them in like this and the plasma discharge had nothing to do with it.

Whatever the paranormal science behind it, Shinuko seems convinced that the Plasmacluster saved them from a haunting. Japanese netizens had mixed feelings about the idea, however:

“Apparently a horror game company kept hearing mysterious sounds in their office. They stopped after they aired out the office and used Febreze. Changing the air is really important.”
“Yesterday my bedroom light turned on and off on its own and I couldn’t sleep by myself. Maybe I’ll buy a Plasmacluster…”
“Even in ancient times, it was popular to purify places with salt and alcohol, and sometimes they had an anti-bacterial function, too. In today’s Reiwa period we can use high-tech gadgets to exorcise and purify instead!”
“So are you saying the Plasmacluster is a Ghost Buster? Sharp, I didn’t know you could make something like that…”
“Maybe the air was stagnant. When you move into a building that isn’t new, sometimes, even if there wasn’t an accident or something, traces of the person who lived there before can remain in the form of spirits and souls.”

Not everyone was convinced the actual plasma part of the purifier was what solved Shinuko’s problem, but they’re surprisingly accepting of the idea that an air purifier can eliminate ghosts. But even if the science behind it is dodgy, it might be worth trying if you’re really desperate. Who knows? It could actually work, and then you won’t have to worry about seeing faces in your curtains anymore.

Source: Twitter/@shinukosan via Hachima Kiko
Top/Featured Image: Twitter/@yamagatasyohei
Reference: Sharp Plasmacluster, CRYPT

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