Flex what you know about the game and its real-world location.

First launched mid-summer 2020 for the PS4, Ghost of Tsushima has caught the heart of gamers worldwide and made a positive impact on the real-life location of the game’s setting, Tsushima Island. In fact, the game’s directors, Nate Fox and Jason Connell, have been named permanent tourism ambassadors by the mayor of Tsushima Island himself.

To celebrate this milestone, the game has rolled out an all-new trivia quiz website where fans can test their knowledge on the game as well as Tsushima Island.

Ghost of Tsushima has been well-lauded for its portrayal of the real-word island.
Here’s the real Watatsumi Shrine in Tsushima Island…

▼ …and here’s how it’s depicted in Ghost of Tsushima.

Titled “Ghost of Real Tsushima,” the trivia quizzes cover a range of questions involving the game’s storyline and details about Tsushima Island.

Currently, there are two quiz levels offered: Kitan (“mysterious story”) and Kyuushi (“narrowly averting death”). To access the more difficult Kyuushi mode, players have to answer all questions in Kitan mode correctly. Quiz takers are given as many retries as they like, so no worries about getting a question or two wrong in the process.

▼ Another site of historical import immortalized in Ghost of Tsushima is Komoda Beach.

Furthermore, if you manage to answer all questions correctly for Kitan and Kyuushi mode, you get a chance to enter a drawing for a special prize. Though there’s no word yet as to what the prize entails, we have a feeling that the lucky winner will be in for a nice treat.

▼ Not gonna lie, it would be super cool if the prize was a free trip to Tsushima Island.

The quiz website also includes extra content of interest, such as a pair of short but warm messages from Tsushima Island’s mayor Naoki Hikakatsu, and from the game’s director Jason Connell. There is also a teaser video for an upcoming interview with Daisuke Tsuji, who is the voice of Ghost of Tsushima’s titular protagonist Jin Sakai.

▼ Though we’re still in the era of social distancing,
for now we can enjoy picturesque views through the game!

For those who want to take the quiz, simply click here to access it. Registration is required beforehand, and both English as well as Japanese version of the quiz are available.

And if you’re like me, figuring out where to travel next in a post-COVID-19 world, check out the game’s travel guide for the real-world Tsushima Island!

Source: Ghost of Real Tsushima via Hachima Kiko
Images: PR Times
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