There’s something about tales of inept criminality that we just can’t resist, especially when it seems like a case of fate conspiring against the wrong-doer. Like the man arrested for robbery in China’s Shandong province on Thursday who was on his way back from a temple, having gone to give thanks for not being caught.

The man, whose name is Zhang, had stolen items including an electric bicycle for his girlfriend, Shanghaiist reports. Along with his brother and another man, he was arrested on suspicion of stealing dozens of electric cars and tricycles in three separate robberies. Police caught up with him in the elevator of his apartment building as he made his way home from a temple visit.

Zhang told Lanshan Police in Linyi, Shandong that he had just returned from the temple, where he had been praying to the gods for continued good luck in not getting caught. He said he worshipped Guan Gong, burning incense offerings to him daily and praying that he wouldn’t be caught. (Perhaps he was praying a little too loudly…?)

Spare a thought for the girl, though. Not only has her boyfriend been arrested, she won’t get to keep that electric bicycle he pinched for her, either.

▼ Because nothing says “I love you” like stolen toys.

Source: NetEase via Shanghaiist
Top image: Wikipedia/Ashely Moreno
Insert image: Pakutaso