On the morning of 2 November a man armed with a kitchen knife entered a bank in Munakata city, Fukuoka Prefecture.  Upon seeing the man, the clerk asked “What can I do for you?”

“Hand over the money.” he said quietly.

Then the clerk summoned all her years of training and experience as a bank employee and dealt with the intruder the best way she knew how.

She asked him to take a seat on the couch and wait. The man politely agreed and took a seat.

After 10 minutes of waiting, he got tired of holding the knife and put it away in his bag.  Just then, police rushed in and apprehended the man.

The 38 year-old was arrested for attempted robbery – really, really slow attempted robbery.

“I wanted to rob a bank, so I got a knife from the kitchen” he said, admitting his guilt.

Prison staff must be amazed at how pateintly he is awaiting trial.

Source: News24 (Japanese)