The Leaning Tower of Pisa might be able to draw huge crowds due to the fact that it’s a bit on the wonky side, but generally we prefer our buildings to stand upright. It’s no surprise, then, that locals in Shanghai, China were quite rightfully a bit flustered when these two apartment buildings decided to lean on each other for a bit of a rest. But what prompted these separately-constructed buildings to start nuzzling each other, and is this really safe?

According to news reports, these two 15-story apartment blocks were constructed with an 11-centimeter gap between them that has now closed as Building 17 has toppled slightly, and is now being propped up by its neighbor Building 18.

Both buildings completed construction in 2012, meaning that it only took a few years before the foundations seemingly slipped and this happened. Locals have been blaming shoddy construction for the current state of affairs. The apartment buildings were created in order to rehouse residents who were ousted from their homes to make way for the upcoming Shanghai Disneyland Resort.

However, the contracting company behind the construction has attributed the leaning to subsidence, a natural settling in the ground soil at the site. In other words, they’re refusing to accept any responsibility.

▼ As these photos show, cracks and structural damage is visible on the roof where the two buildings butted heads.

Whether this is a result of flawed design, shoddy construction or shifting soil, we’re betting the residents of the apartment building aren’t feeling too comfortable in their homes right now. Let’s hope Building 17 can rely on its buddy Building 18 to keep it propped up for a long time to come!