Footage of very loud Hokkaido Shinkansen tunnel blast delights the public【Video】

It turns out that the Internet really likes watching stuff get blown up.

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Tokyo partially shut down busiest train line, 3,200 workers fought clock on platform project【Vid】

Shibuya Station gets an upgrade thanks to an intense race against time.

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This mysterious tunnel in Japan is like none you’ve ever seen before

A road that isn’t wide enough for cars and a dark, secret chamber are just some of the surprises at this off-the-beaten path destination.

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7-Eleven to build 7-Eleven in parking lot of another 7-Eleven

Japanese convenience stores have everything, even passive-aggressiveness!

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Tokyo Olympics Village looks like an eerie ghost town

Athletes Village could be the real-life setting for a disaster film right now.

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English mistake makes Kyoto the enemy of the world

Look out — Japan’s old capital appears to be rising again, with an army of koi fish behind it.

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Kyoto’s Kinkakuji creates unusual photo opportunity for visitors

World Heritage-listed Golden Pavilion is currently covered up for repairs, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see the building. 

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A Day in the Life Shibuya: Japanese construction site barricades tell a touching story 【Video】

The creative graphics are moving people to tears in Tokyo.

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Mystery of flesh-melting road in Kawasaki solved

Simply stepping foot on a stretch of pavement in Kawasaki has left at least three people with injuries on their feet.

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Fukuoka City aims to resume traffic at site of road collapse less than a week after accident

Following days of around-the-clock work by construction workers, all eyes are on the city again following reports that the road will be fit to drive on by today.

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People evacuated as major road caves in outside station in Japan

Dramatic photos show the extent of the damage that occurred in the early hours of this morning.

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Social media users in Japan gripped by the mysterious case of the frog-shaped hole in concrete

Japanese Twitter users weigh in with their thoughts on the bizarre print and the fate of the frog who made it.

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A hundred excavators line up along a road in China to make it disappear

A (de)construction company in China is preparing for the newest Olympic event, synchronized destruction!

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Amazing time-lapse video from China shows 1,300-tonne bridge built in less than 43 hours【Video】

It took more time to design the plan than to actually construct the bridge.

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Hello Kitty now keeping roadside construction sites safe in Japan 【Photos】

Hello Kitty goes blue collar for her latest job in downtown Tokyo.

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Buildings in China slowly collide, shoddy worksmanship suspected

The Leaning Tower of Pisa might be able to draw huge crowds due to the fact that it’s a bit on the wonky side, but generally we prefer our buildings to stand upright. It’s no surprise, then, that locals in Shanghai, China were quite rightfully a bit flustered when these two apartment buildings decided to lean on each other for a bit of a rest. But what prompted these separately-constructed buildings to start nuzzling each other, and is this really safe?

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Construction warning sign only gets stranger the more you stare at it

The signboard above was posted on Twitter recently and piqued the interest of thousands with its unusual presentations. Japan has a history of construction warning signs that might seem odd in other countries, with roly-poly penguins notifying us of gas line maintenance or a cuddly panda stopping us from falling into an open manhole.

This one, however, has even Japanese people scratching their heads. At first glance the sign appears to have a frisky looking construction worker telling you about his project with a saucy wink. However, the more one looks at this image, the deeper the rabbit hole goes.

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It opens next year?! We go to the Shanghai Disneyland site, find a lonely river in a field

“Um…is this Disneyland?” our reporter asks a construction worker. “Sure is!” he replies.

She looks around. The first Disney park in mainland China, Shanghai Disneyland is scheduled to open next year. But all our reporter, a writer from our Japanese sister site, can see is a dirty river and barren land. No rides, no hotel, no lake, no scaffolding for Cinderella’s castle … Can this really be Shanghai Disneyland?

Join us after the jump as we go on a photographic journey to Shanghai’s version of The Happiest Place on Earth (If They Ever Finish It).

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This new convenience store isn’t so convenient for the blind…

One thing that has always stood out about Japan for me personally is the sidewalks. No matter where you are, you’ll almost always have a little yellow brick road to skip along–though it’s not actually an ode to The Wizard of Oz. In fact, it’s not an ode to anything at all: Those yellow, bumpy tiles are actually guides for the visually impaired. It’s a simple but clever solution–you can easily feel the bumps even through your shoes and they’re even easier to find with a cane. That way, even if you can’t see, you can still be sure you’re walking safely on the sidewalk and know when you’re coming to a turn or crossing.

Well, unless you’re trying to get to this newly built convenience store…

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South Korean shipyard workers wear robo-suits for super-strength

If Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering gets its way, employees will be carrying out their duties while decked out in strength-enhancing robotic exoskeletons, according to New Scientist.

As one of the largest shipbuilders in the world, the company is investigating ways to make its workflow more productive. But after researching the use of such robo-suits on the job and finding them to be helpful, the company is now working on improving its prototype model so that the suits might soon see regular use on the job.

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